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Peri Oral Dermatitis

Jan 13, 2022

Perioral Dermatitis.

Perioral dermatitis is a skin condition that causes inflammation around the mouth and naso-labial area. It appears in small, red, pus filled bumps and mild peeling can occur. Many believe the skin is dry and lather on occlusive creams and lotions creating a breathing ground for the condition to worsen.

Although a medical diagnosis is required it is a common condition that as a skin therapist we see often.

Perioral dermatitis can be linked to overuse of steroid creams however, this isn’t the only factor.

Angela suffered with perioral dermatitis during her second pregnancy. Here is her story.

"I suffered with Perioral during my 2nd pregnancy. Often it will go away by itself but in extreme cases a course of antibiotics can be prescribed. In my case hormones and stress definitely played a role.

I found for me, because pregnancy was the cause I just had to ride it out and luckily once I had my bub it naturally went away within 6 weeks after birth"

How I managed the symptoms

I limited cosmetic usage, switched moisturisers and introduced a light weight serum.  I increased my Essential Fatty Acid intake and lay under the LED in salon throughout my pregnancy to keep the inflammation at bay.

Other causes are over use of cosmetics or irritating ingredients and some generic toothpastes. Try and avoid any products which contain SLS.

Some things to consider limiting the use of when dealing with this condition are the following:

  • Steroid creams
  • Switch to a natural toothpaste (grants was the brand I chose, from Coles)
  • Remove any occlusive or heavy moisturisers. You will need to have a very basic/gentle skin regime until it clears. This is something we can help you find.
  • Avoid any cosmetics that may be stimulating irritation
  • Take Essential fatty acids in the form of a fish oil, this will help with the inflammation and improve oil content in the skin
  • Having LED in salon treatments helps manage the condition

If you think you are suffering please book in to see us, we can help eliminate things in your homecare regime which will help minimize the duration and severity of the issue.

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