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Aug 04, 2023

Why I Have Launched My Signature Program


Have you ever wondered why I launched my signature program? Here's the answer. The beauty industry was stuck at an impasse – great for theory but not quite there in practical skills. And it's not just for those fresh out of beauty school; it's also for the busy salon owners and moms returning to the industry.

Why I Have Launched My Signature Program

I launched my signature program for various reasons. Topmost, our industry had a gaping void – practical skills aspects of beauty training seemed to be left in the dust. This gap was particularly concerning for beauty graduates, salon owners needing staff trained, and returning therapist returning to the industry.

Bridging the Practical Skills Gap

Beauty school graduates get tonnes of theory training. However, there's often a lack when it comes to hands-on work. But why is this even important, you ask? Well, beauty is an art; theory only lays the foundation, but it's the application that brings it all to life.

Supporting Time-Poor Salon Owners

Salon owners are juggling a lot - appointments, taxes, employees, inventory, and let's not forget, clients. Consequently, training their teams in-depth often takes a back seat. Remember that alarmingly large void I mentioned earlier? Here’s where it presents itself prominently.

Empowering Returning Moms

I admire moms making a heroic return to our industry. They display an impeccable fusion of maternal instincts and professional expertise. Nonetheless, they often struggle to keep up with the evolving trends and techniques. You’re probably wondering, how does this program help them? Read on to find out.

The Signature Program Overview

My signature program essentially serves as a bridge – bridging the gap and making beauty training holistic and practical. It covers the entire spectrum of treatments – from classic facials and Swedish body massages to the intricacies of epidermal levelling, strip waxing, and hot waxing, along with lash lifting.

Projected Benefits of My Signature Program

This program is designed to give therapists the best possible chance to build their client base. In turn, this motivates clients to return, subsequently boosting the business. So, essentially, it's a win-win situation.


As the program creator, I am dedicated to helping you honing your practical skills - thereby contributing to your professional growth and the overall improvement of the beauty industry. Are you ready to take the next step in your career and become a part of this revolutionary journey?

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